Sunday, June 15, 2014

We went chasing waterfalls

So in the Old Tbilisi part of the city (near Mother Georgia and the Bath District), there is a botanical garden located behind the Narikala Fortress and Mother Georgia). We had gone with some friends a few months ago to the playground (kid's zip line anyone? Clarissa even rode on it multiple times!).

So when we got to the National Botanical Garden, we paid and went in (about $0.50 each!). We headed up past the playground....oops, not the main trail. We meandered around some foot trails. At one point we were above a small bridge and rose garden. So when we came to forks in the trail, we started heading downward. We ended up at the base of the waterfall on the waterfall what do you do?

Why, you take off your shoes and walk through the water. It was very cool and refreshing (and not very deep at all).

Selfie with my dad!

I played with my shutter speed some, but it was so bright the real slow shutter speed photos were all over exposed.

The Queen Tamar bridge crosses over the top of the 40-meter waterfall.

So the botanical gardens were started as part of the palace/fortress in 1625. It was pillage during a Persian invasion in 1795, and after the gardens were revived it became officially establish as a city Botanical Garden in 1845. It has gradually expanded over time and currently covers 161 hectares (almost 400 acres).

We only visited a small fraction of the gardens. I feel I can make a lot more trips and a still find something new every time (the IWA Georgia, has a walking group I plan to join in the fall when I don't have to rush back to pick Clarissa up at 1pm that walks the garden).

Nice view of the downtown from the gardens.

The backside of the fortress wall.

An amazing strong and photogenic ant.

My dad :)

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