Friday, November 24, 2017

Oops..rough start to the week.

Had a rough start to this week...came back from a beach weekend for my bday with Clarissa having picked up a stomach bug. So no Monday's lieu of the Monday's Moment....I give you 7....Richard and my sister-in-law Dana nominated me for the Facebook B&W 7 day challenge....where you just post a photo, no comments, no people and you are suppose to nominate someone everyday....I only did that on day 7 (it's be going on for a while....). So here I can post my photos with comments! So take that rules!!!

Day 1/7 -

The awesome sand village Clarissa and I made and decorated! Lol, actually she did help a good bit.....A little before high tide, we went to go check and see if anyone had added to it. No one had (nor had anyone knocked it down), but it was actually amazing to see how much sand was gone from just the wind blowing about five hours or so!!! Clarissa couldn't resist doing a little reconstruction....

Day 2/7 -

The caves facing the ocean on Navo Island. At low tide you can cross the channel and walk over there. We didn't get to explore as much as I wanted because Clarissa got a headache....booo. I think she was annoyed that I wasn't feeling her pain....but as soon as we made it back across the channel to where she could run off to the pool her headache miraculously I don't feel that bad making faces and taking selfies....

Day 3/7 -

The resort we were at was holding a bridal show....a note was slipped under our door inviting us. Given Clarissa is into all things girlie, she and I went to check it out. They had wedding alters/aisles and reception rooms set up and decorated, food samples, photo booths; brides in white gowns, traditional Fijian wedding things (Masi fabric bridal gowns); traditional Hindu wedding things (bridal sarees, elephants & henna).

Day 4/7 -

So in an effort to avoid the mushy banana top, Clarissa likes to cut her banana off the "hand" (it's the unit they're sold in here). Instead of getting a clean knife every banana somebody eats, it makes sense to stab said knife into top of the hand/stem part (and since hands are usually quite large, if we didn't we would quickly run out of knifes). So this is common place in our house...

Day 5/7 -

Being unable to find any decent tasting spreadable butter here....I have to make my own....

Day 6/7 -

Cat bath....we have cat and apparently that night I needed a bath!

Day 7/7 -

It's nearly summertime, so the water is warm and inviting. For once in a very long time it wasn't pouring rain after dinner (and I mean has been coming down these past few weeks!!). So someone went for a I semi-broke the rules....but if she's underwater then technically she's part fish/ not really a person!?!?

Previous island count 320 Fijian islands visited,
Navo Island visited.....
319 Fijian islands remaining (it's not looking good to get below is hard work)!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Machete, machete man I gotta be a machete man!

(yes, you need to thinking the Village People's Macho Man tune while reading this).

Machete, machete man
I gotta be a machete man

During every day life in see lots of people walking down the street with a machete in their hand. If one was in the US, this would be in Fiji it's normal. It's how you prepped the fruit you are eating while on your way to where ever it is you are going.....

Machete, machete man
I gotta be a machete man

You look up in a tree you are passing....what do you see?

Machete, machete man
I gotta be a machete man

Naturally driving down the road, you will pass plenty of people gathering leaves for their lovo feasts.

Machete, machete man
I gotta be a machete man

In fact...don't even have to be a man.....

Machete, machete woman
I gotta be a machete woman

Contrary to what all the riding lawn mower/yard equipment company salespeople in the US tell you, all yard work can be down with a mere two tools.....a weed eater and a machete! Even side of the road of maintenance in the tropics where there never is a winter off season uses these two tools....

I've had this post in my mind for months....but getting the photos has been tricky....the whole driving/taking photos that are not blurry is tricky! Here is one of the good fails.

Machete, machete man
I gotta be a machete man

So when the bananas in your backyard ripen and are ready to be too can assume the role!

Machete, machete man
I gotta be a machete man