Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fall Break Day 3

Magic Kingdom Day!!

Clarissa's First time meeting a mermaid...not so sure....totally scored on getting to ride the new Little Mermaid ride (opening in Dec 2012) and checking out her new grotto....BEFORE they open....they called it a dress rehearsal.....I'm fine with whatever they call it!
We can't forget Mason's first love....Ariel!
Super happy to meet Daisy fear! Maybe it was us holding her back for 15 minutes before she could run up and hug her.
It was all about meeting MINNIE MOUSE!!! It was super cute when Minnie pointed to herself, then made a heart hand and then pointed to Clarissa's dress.

 Yummy Mickey Ice cream cone in a cup!

 Haircut time, Mason requested a spiky haircut with Pixie Dust (photo to come).
Not counting bang trims this was Clarissa's first real big girl haircut (she also got pixie dust and mouse ears).
 Doesn't appear overly traumatized....yippee!
 All done with the Main Street Barber Shop.
 Chatting with Nana about the magical powers associated with Pixie Dust.
 Eeeek! Preview of coming events.....Mason driving his own car!

 The light parade was pretty cool (first time for everyone!).  Busted Richard flirting with some princesses......

All in day at Disney!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lost in Translation

Apparently I was speaking a foreign language this morning.

Ex. 1 - 5:20 am. Mason is using the restroom.
Said: get back in bed and go back to sleep
Translation: get in bed and watch videos on iPod.....

Ex. 2 - Clarissa wakes up dry, I take her to the potty. She sits and sits while I dress her. When all done with no potty
Said: let mommy know if you need to go potty
Translation: let mommy fix you hair and then when we go downstairs for breakfast pee in your pull up

Ex. 3 - Since he got up early, I told Mason to get dressed before breakfast. After breakfast
Said: go upstairs and brush your teeth
Translation: go upstairs and change out of clothes you are already dressed in

Ex. 4 - during pull up change, noticed she didn't pee that much (like she stopped herself)
Said: let mommy know if you need to go potty any more
Translation: go to play kitchen and poop in pull up