Monday, September 12, 2016

Fiji Fashion Week 2016

So last week was super fun! I got a glimpse into the life of the rich and Fiji hosts an annual fashion week...this year being the 9th one. It is typically held in May, but due to TC Winston, it was deferred until last week. I ended up going to four events....because you never know and I know I'd never be able to afford (let alone be able to get close up tickets) to such an event in NYC or why not!

They had a fun little selfie cut out for when you were picking up your tickets (disregard my goofy 'oooh' face). I had planned on doing the charity luncheon and the resort wear show (since let's be real....what am I most likely to actually wear?!?), but when getting the tickets since I knew where some friends were sitting, on a whim I went ahead and got tickets to the Trendsetters and Couture Shows as well.

The first event was on Tuesday, a charity luncheon to benefit the children of Dilkusha. Who can say no to the children?!?! They had a super tasty risotto vegetarian dish which I lucked out and was able to get. It is a bit odd. In Fiji, in general, they offer multiple entrees at events but they don't ask what you would like; they just bring out the entrees and serve them and then you have to switch and hope you have an accommodating neighbor.

They did had a door prize (which someone at our table won), a best dressed prize (theme was Smart Chic...another Fiji thing a lot of events have dress code themes and best dressed wins!), an auction, and a raffle (which a friend of mine won...eventually some luck has to rub off right?!?). One of the items up for auction was lunch with the Queen.....hmmm, the Queen.....we later found it was the Hibiscus Queen of Fiji. A group of us from different woman's groups that had sat together, did get a picture with the Hibiscus Queen. (BTW, if you don't see our watermark then I borrowed the photo from a friend or the FJFW16 FaceBook page).

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights were the nights with the runway shows. They also had some free student designer shows on Wednesday and Saturday during the day. One of Mason's classmates won third place for student designer! That is super impressive!! Next year I hope to attend a student show, Clarissa had the funk on Saturday so we didn't go. So prepare for an onslaught of photos! Here is what caught my eye for taking a photo: 'ooh, that's cute'; 'wow, that's crazy'; 'mancandy'; 'spppaaarkles...'; or something that showcases local designs/fabrics that I would not see anywhere else. At the end of each show, I'll add a video that is the collection walk (I couldn't find the official name when I googled it), where all the models walk out wearing the whole collection followed by the designer's appearance and bow. The second two nights I was able to move forward and snag a front row seat (I have no shame!) so the photos are so much better! Enjoy!

This pattern has turtles in, which I love....there was a real cute dress but my photo was nicely focused on the lady and not the dress....

Crazy headware! These girls were so cute! In the video you will see the swimsuit line has a big/little design....I guess mommy and me.

The train on the cover-up is covered in reef/fishes....uh don't tell Richard I might need to find that!

Resortwear Video Coming Soon

Before jumping ship to the front row.....hanging with my trendsetter friends....(hopefully the FJFW website will add their red carpet photos soon and I can add that photo too!).

Her necklace and head bead hat thing were all this was for Clarissa...front and back

Same designer, same line total case of not so much and I would wear that!


I liked the use of the whites and blues with the small leaf pattern in this line.

This one reminded me of a dress I wore to a homecoming dance back in high school. The same purple shimmery colored bottom (mine was more tiered ruffles with a black top though....very 90s).

So I really liked this pink design! Especially the one with pockets!!

Kissy lips purse for Clarissa!

Trendsetter Video Coming Soon

At the entrance they had two mannequins dressed in Fijian greenery dresses...I thought that was cute and quirky. I didn't get a picture but for the Couture Show flowers were added to the dresses.

Super selfie! Bigger group tonight, with a token male.....again before I bailed for the front row.....(also waiting on a red carpet photo to be uploaded!)

The photo doesn't do the sparkles justice!

I loved this front dress! I would feel like a mermaid floating around it all evening. Is it not the biggest irony that we are at a post that does not have a Marine Corps Ball where we would need such a fancy gown but we have fashion shows to see such beautiful dresses to pine for and not need?

There is a large Indian population so there where two lines of super duper sparkly dresses!!

I thought he looked a bit like a young Tom Cruise. I later found out he's Mason's acting coach's son!

I wouldn't wear this, but fun!

The designer came out in and pink and white version of the dress at the end....I would wear that!

I liked this dress too....would be a perfect ball gown.

With a fun splash of color in back!

I could never pull this off, but the color really popped!

I love blues, greens, and purples.......

Definitely gave me a Alice in Wonderland feel....might have been her make-up too!

I went a little crazy taking photos of this Bridal line....I was thinking of my goddaughter Lindsey when doing so. It incorporates a South Pacific pattern into the dresses.

The tank dress was my personal favorite. I feel that could be worn at an event other than a wedding.

 I really liked this line. The bright blues, man candy and local patterns....

There are even shells sewn onto this dress!!

Another one with shells from front and back....

Since Fiji is a destination wedding locale, they also offered a line called '2nd Time Around'. I'm guessing this for second wedding market. A lot of the line had a real June Cleaver feel to me as well as some mermaid style dresses.....

Oops, I didn't get the front of this dress, but check out the bead work on the train!

She won best model award!

This dress actually reminded me a bit of my wedding dress from the has that island feel!

Couture Video Coming Soon

After the show ended there was a surprise performance by the Oceania Dance Group. Here is the intro walk in. Watch the video for his amazing acrobatics.

Dance Video Coming Soon

So I ended up not staying for the after party Saturday night, but in walking out some of the models were already mingling among show goers. They definitely make you feel vertically challenged! It was a really fun event and I certainly plan on going next year!!

After the show, they announced that next year's show will be in late May 2017 (normal time of year), but given it will the the 10th Anniversary of Fiji Fashion Week it will bigger and better!! So family and friends, if you have ever had the desire to attend a runway show and a desire to come visit your favorite Deb who just happens to be living in do the math and drop me an email....