Saturday, April 25, 2020

Body Pillow Case

So given the current situation...I have a bit of extra time not running around with errands and shuttling the kids to things here and there. So it is making my 20 in 20 goal a bit more attainable!! I've knocked out two projects in April (so far). One was making a body pillow case for the teen's bed. I had some cool Harry Potter fabric I picked up over the summer. I didn't have a project in mind, so I only got a yard. I ended up using some Hufflepuff colored fabric for the backside (teen's house).

I used some of the extra to make a cuff to tie the plain back to the front. I think it worked pretty good.

Now we don't have to wash and replace the body pillowcase on the same day (amazing what having to do our own bed linens will motivate one to make).

For my other project, I made some reusable fabric gift bags....I'll include those photos on my post about someone's birthday that I'll be doing soon!

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