Friday, January 24, 2020

20 in 20: The Plan

So I recently saw a news story about how making art is good for your health! One thing that really bummed me out last year, was having a sewing room but not having the time to get in there and use it. So I am making myself a goal to get 20 sewing projects finished up in the year 2020....I think it's totally doable! I've already started to make a dent in my goal!

Last year, I saw this blog post on making a rainbow flag bunting. We have a cut through between the kitchen and dining room. It's the perfect place to hang a bunting. So last year, I had the idea it would be fun to make holiday buntings to decorate that opening for the different holidays. On R&R last summer, Clarissa and I had a lot of fun going to fabric stores in South Carolina, Missouri, even stopping at a huge fabric outlet in Amish county of Ohio on our road trip, and in Maryland. At these stores, we had a checklist of our holidays and how many patterns we were still looking for. We didn't need much of each pattern (only a 1/4 yard/fat quarter or two of each) and you can't order amounts that small online. Also, primarily US celebrated holidays (ie St. Patrick's Day/4th of July I'm looking at you) would be really hard to find fabrics overseas. So our mission was totally necessary!

Last year, I was able to get the Halloween bunting made (both kids even helped out and it was fun)! Then we hit the birthday blast and I did not get that one made. Thanksgiving came and went and I failed again. I did manage to get our Christmas bunting made!! Woohoo! So depending on how I do on other projects...buntings may count as one project or multiple

So I have my first project of 2020 done! A winter bunting to brightening up the house after the holidays. The house always look so empty after de-Christmas-fying the house. So it adds a bit more color.

A close-up of the patterns - snow flakes, blue flurries (it has glitter), and then a mix of snow flakes, shells and sea stars!

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