Friday, February 5, 2016

Backyard Flora: Fiji Edition

Warning: This post contains lots of photos of flowers....if you don't like pretty things, don't read :)

So as I mentioned in a previous post, we moved into some temporary housing. Our house is not quite ready and this house is getting ready to leave the housing pool so it works out well for us. It is tricky in that you want to unpack everything and get settled, but I know we move again in a few we have a mountain of suitcases in the corner of the den (no use looking for somewhere to stash them), one of which is a under sink cabinet of sorts ("Mom, I'm out of xyz", "get a new one out of the gray suit case"). So with no unpacking to do, why not piddle around the yard taking pictures of flowers and then share them.....

The yard at our temporary house is beautifully landscaped with all kinds of flowers and plants. We have not seen the yard at our permanent house (we did drive by our final house and it appears there are some papaya trees in the yard hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised with some flowers there as well). Most of the plants in this yard I can identify....thanks to the internet. Enjoy.


Ginger Lily

Kings Mantle
Mexican Petunia
Bird of Paradise (I think)

Ixora Flowers
Fancy Hibiscus (or Chinese Lantern Hibiscus)
Different colors of Ixora Flowers

Lime Tree - Limeade anyone?
Banana Tree
Can't wait till they are ripe!

Banana Flower and Baby Bananas

Possibly another type of Hibiscus 

Flame Tree (or Christmas Tree) - Neighbor's tree but covers a good portion of our yard

Technically in the neighbors yard...but can be seen from ours.
Coming up next.....backyard fauna.....

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