Thursday, November 20, 2014

239th Marine Corps Ball

So embassies have Marines providing security for the embassy. They will host a Marine Corps Ball to celebrate the establishment of the Marine Corps, and we embassy folks get to help celebrate with them. So on November 8th, we attended our first ball together.

First is a fun cocktail hour (hours?). We partook in cocktails and took some time to get a photo taken. I've come to terms with my straight hair and saved hours and didn't even try to curl it.

See, just like prom but you can drink and come home late without getting in trouble!

After cocktail hour, we found our seats and watched the ceremony. I totally spaced and didn't bring my camera. With Larry's permission, I am posting several of his photos (check out his website here).

The first thing to point out, is the table for fallen marines.

Presentation of colors (note our awesome seats.....)

Toasting with the guest of honor (the Ambassador).

Of course what birthday is complete until the birthday cake is served.

The oldest Marine (blue shirt, red tie) will serve a piece to the youngest Marine (he was born in 1994....eek, I feel old now).

After some fancy footwork (which is quite mesmerizing), the ceremony ended.

The Tbilisi Marine Guards for the 239th Ball, they only stay at post a year, so next year there will be a whole new crew.

We were served dinner and desert (trio of chocolate, yes! thank you!), followed by dimming of the lights to allow for dancing. A very fun night....oorah!

Next ball, I will remember my camera (thanks again for letting us your photos Larry!).

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