Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Theme Park Fun - Legoland!


We took Clarissa to Legoland in Florida. We had been to the one in Malaysia a few years back. I worked at a one hour photo back in California when that location opened (aka I printed so many photos of visits from there, felt like I have already been). So naturally, we needed to visit the one in Florida. It was only about a 40 minute drive from our townhouse. So an easy drive for a fun day.

There were all kinds of popular characters to take photos (and selfies) with.

Clarissa's favorite animal! Elephants made of Legos!!

Pride parade in Times Square, NYC!

Clarissa's main goal was to get a new driver's license. Her old one had an out of date picture..lol.

We got distracted by a short line at boating school! She was driving the boat!

Nana was hot on our tail (wake?)...lol.

We made it to driving school. You may think I was just too slow with the camera taking her picture...but no, it was the don't take my picture, speak to the hand...lol.

Lego Lady Liberty.

You also had to be looking for the the little hidden gems! Rubber duckies under a wave! 

Can't take these two anywhere without them getting in trouble!

Richard and Jim headed off for a roller coaster. Clarissa doesn't do roller coasters so we rode on Merlin's train. As soon as it started, I was worried as it was going fast and up/down. At first she was mad, then she kept riding it again and again and again....we finally dragged her away....

We made it over to the Lego Movie area. Our little cat lady found the cat lady!! We also rode on the triple decker couch ride...it was fun!! She loved it so much that she went again after Richard/Jim caught up with us.

Spotted a taco shop when looking for the drink refill station. We pre-bought their freestyle drink when we bought our tickets. We just had to scan the receipt and got our cup. You can refill up to once every 10 minutes. My only complaint was the refill lines (and a number of non-working machines), but we could get soda, lemonade, and even a slushy!! We can keep our cup and use it on a possible future trip and just pay a reduced drink price!

Two floor merry go round!

Clarissa had lots of saved up a lot of allowance during the pandemic since she couldn't go anywhere and we visited the Friends shop (only Friends Lego's). She was plotting her decision. She picked a large set and the price was not marked up for being in the park (surprise to me).

We did find a shop that would personalize/etch a lego piece with whatever word you want (aka like a unique name that is never found on the typical souvenirs...lol). We looked into getting one, but it takes time and they had a backlog. It would of been another hour wait....so pro-tip: order it on your way in, pick it up on your way out! 

Don't forget to hit the toilet on the way out....it's fully stocked by this fun lady!

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