Saturday, November 6, 2021

Ft. Sumter, SC and other brotherly fun

A few days after arriving in Charleston, my little bro and his family were visiting Pawley's Island (about an hour drive away). So we made plans to let the cousins hang out a couple times. The first time was they came down and we went out to Ft. Sumter. It was kind of weird actually going on land there! I have been past it every survey I did for my thesis work, as well as, right off shore of it during dolphin health assessment captures/releases. Yet I had never visited! Little bro likes airplanes (you catch the ferry at an old naval ship full of airplanes), so it was perfect for everyone! 

Old Glory flying overhead the fort.

We learned all kinds of civil war facts on the boat ride over (like when the north controlled the island vs the south, possession of this island at the entrance of the harbor was an important of symbol of moral).

We then wandered around for an hour or so. Did find the air conditioned museum with all kinds of historical stuff, like this original flag.

Lots of cannons pointing out (no dolphins sadly).

More scenes from around the fort.

Cool, shady little out look (probably housed big cannons back in the day).

Some feeding pelicans on the sand bar.

We headed back to Mt. Pleasant on the ferry, more pelicans in flight. Sadly, the next day a bunch of cownose rays were seen swimming in the harbor....that would have been cool!

Pilings and my niece.....

A shipwrecked boat on the shoreline....

Afterwards, we enjoyed some lunch at Baker and Brewer (a second location of our beloved EVO). Afterwards, they headed downtown to 'tourist' and I went home to nurse a headache. A couple days later, we drove up to do a beach day with them!

Happiness is the beach!

The teen does not quite love the beach as much as I! How did I birth such a child?!?

Lil bro chillin in the beach couch he constructed as the three littles play in the water.

Cousins after post-beach adorbs!

We then headed out for dinner at the Wicked Tuna, a place in the cluster of seafood restaurants in Myrtle Beach that Richard used to go to as a kid.

The next day, lil bro and his family headed back home, Clarissa and I soothed some sunburns (living in the desert you just don't go hang out in the 120 degree heat that 

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