Sunday, November 28, 2021

Home Leave: Quick Loop

After from returning to this year's Charleston home base during home leave (we would have loved to have spent more time at our town house....but it was booked the rest of the summer we were there...good problem to have! As a lesson learned, I have already pre-booked ourselves for next summer when it's time to take M to college!!). I had a minute or so to breathe and then I headed off on another whirlwind week. 

Given I was flying by myself and the price was not much different....I splurged for business class (on puddle jumper size not a real big First stop, see the Bestie! 

I spent a few days in good ole St. Louis, hit the fave restaurants, then went for a trim. I debated do I chop the quarantine hair or not.....

It was a spur of the moment decision....but went ahead and chopped the hair. I was even able to donate 12 inches! Stopped in to see my favorite barista at Starbucks (besties daughter) explanation for my weird! Then just as quick as I arrived, I was wheels up to the DC area.

It was a really pretty arrival in DC....blurry photo (we were going 300-500 I spent the next day with my parents (and oddly enough forgot to take any photos). Then since I was staying in a hotel to protect them (we are all vaccinated....but being cautious - thanks 'rona), I opted to drive to Delaware. Why? Well I've tried to go a few trips in the past, but everyone curls the nose up and says no thanks...(ok, it was lavender fields in Delaware). So since it was me, myself and I, we all agreed to go! I took a butt ton of photos which I will share in another post (so if you don't like pretty flowers you can just

Afterwards, I went and checked into a hotel on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.....I's a beach and it makes my heart happy. I hit a local brewery and distillery to get Richard and I some local swag. I met Richard's cousin (who lives nearby) for a super tasty dinner. Then I went and walked on the beach. For July, the water was FREEZING! 

Chair/umbrella rentals huts!

Sand grasses on the sand dunes.

Dunes and cold Atlantic Ocean. After enjoying the beach a bit, I walked around some shops on the boardwalk and got some ice cream! 

The next morning, I headed back to DC. Stopped en route for a zoom meeting (I am on the Architecture Review Committee for the townhouse HOA....we had a call). Then I returned the rental car and flew back to was a very short trip every where, but was also nice to visit after being stuck for so long in Qatar.

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