Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse!

Sunday Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse! Sunday Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse! Sunday Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse! Say that 10 times fast.....So the solstice was on Saturday and the eclipse on Sunday, but parts of the US were still in it all happened on the same day right?!?!

The NASA published path of the eclipse:

I wasn't sure if we would be able to see it as we are not in Oman (which it goes over) but we are close. As I was doing the dishes this morning, I noticed it was oddly dark outside for early in the morning. Didn't think much of it, thinking I had missed the eclipse as I thought it had happened the day before. Then I went up to check my email and looked at the sun for a bit (mistake #2?) and was all, yeah that looks a little weird. So I googled the hours for the eclipse over Doha....sure enough....the oddly dark must have been the peak at 8:30! It was now 8:45 and so I quickly googled an easy eclipse viewer and called Clarissa. We made a pin hole viewer with some craft supplies.

It worked! The paint splatters on the card board I grabbed almost make a little smiley face with the moon shadow!

After our pin hole viewer, I pointed my phone up and without looking tried to take a couple photos. Darkening them doesn't really do much to glare of the fire ball of the sun (may have during the full coverage moment), but there is a moon shaped shadow/light beam to the side. Which is cool!

So that was our Sunday Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse fun!

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