Saturday, June 20, 2020

Springtime Corona Sewing and other crafting....

In an effort to entertain myself (since we couldn't go on trips), as a crafter....I always have here's some things I've worked on this spring while we've been staying at home in Doha (The kids school started Virtual Learning on March 11th and just this week on June 15th stores are starting to reopen, but very limited and still with lots of no kids under 12). Doha did pass restrictions where if two people were in a car, they had to be wearing masks. Richard and Clarissa went on a take-away necessary ice cream run. So we've gotten lots of use out of ours. I've even made a few more with Richard going into the office more and my work load picking up and me needing some for work also.

After I made our masks, I found out my bestie (who works in a doctors office) was not considered high risk and wouldn't be issued any masks. That was unacceptable! So....I made her some....(she has shared them with her girls when they need to go to the store).

Then the next day, I made some for my parents and Richard's parents to go to the store in also. My bestie's shipped Tuesday, I made the parent masks Wednesday, shipped the parent masks Thursday. The bestie's masks arrived in 11 days, while the parents masks arrived in 27 days. Go figure....I seriously need to get better at remembering to take photos. My in-laws did send me a photo of theirs! 

I took a break from sewing and played with my Cricut some...made some fun stuff. Clarissa had gotten that new scooter for her birthday, so we figured a fun way to put her name on it.

I made a monogram for my Girl Scout leader bag (all the second year leaders get them as a Thank now I know which one is mine....).

I made this just because it makes my heart happy when I'm folding laundry...(and it may be true).

Richard and I have a new set of glassware...appropriate for the current conditions. 

I had a few extra empty Nutella glasses, so we gave some extra ones to some friends, also. There was a call for some face masks for the service men and woman up on the I went back to making masks. Knocked out a whole pile of them...I was out of shoelaces and elastic but I had found some parachute cord. It's not as stretchy as shoelaces but does tie pretty good (and if you have a disposable mask you could replace the the cord with the disposable mask's elastic before tossing it). 

After that I knocked out some masks for some friends...some that are PCSing this summer (more comfortable to wear a fabric mask for the long haul) and for some to exercise with when Doha released a you must wear a mask when exercising directive (and a few more for ourselves). Found the perfect use for the Stanley Cup Champions fabric I had gotten!! Our friends PCSing were Blues fans too!

Knocked out a few other projects I had had on my to-do list. Some reusable "sponges". They are machine washable.....we shall see how the last. I have a good bit so we can rotate through them. If they last the rest of our tour, then we saved a lot of sponges from the landfill!

I made Clarissa and I some matching mermaid Pjs. Whenever I think to take a photo, hers are in the laundry....maybe one day I will get a I also made a cover for my serger machine. I modified the pattern a bit to allow me to keep the thread tree up instead of having to lower it every time. Once covered it looks

I also made Miss Isa Lei a little placemat for her food. We wish we had filmed her reaction. She was all, wait, stop, sniff, what's this, why is there a soft mat in front of my food? Okay, I will proceed and eat.

I copied the pattern I used last year making the Girl Scouts S.W.A.P.s holder and made the kids a pin display banner. Clarissa has a few from ice skating (we can't find one at the moment) and the teen is into Disney pin collecting. I've had this felt for a while (bought it when I bought the girl scout swaps fabric).

I spend a lot of time at the computer with my embassy job and photography work. I ended up propping my feet up for comfort. I felt bad using the UPS (and paranoid I'd start it beeping by hitting a button with my foot), so I made a scrap buster ottoman/foot stool. It's not quite full to capacity apparently I need to sew more and get more scraps. 

I love the fabrics I used for the patterns. It makes me heart happy!

I've also made some fun t-shirts with my Cricut. 

As we approach the two year anniversary of the eviction of my thyroid, this one seemed appropriate. You can barely even see my scar anymore (but for some reason during zoom calls I find it very noticeable).

The teen is binge-watching Community on Netflix at the moment. So we had to have a fandom shirt.

Of course we can't forget Father's Day swag (and a what about me 

So that's what I've been making this spring, while staying at home.....guilt free crafting at its best! 

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