Saturday, July 7, 2018

Final Island Tally

So we wanted to visit as many of the Fijian Islands as possible during our tour, unfortunately time (given it can take hours to get to the further away islands) and money (to get and stay/eat once there) were the biggest limitations to that goal. Criteria for visiting an island was making landfall. The tally would much higher if we would have counted merely seeing the island as we cruised past a ton the two times we were in the Yasawa Islands on boats and all the islands we got a looky loo at when flying to Taveuni. In all we made it to 20 of the 330 islands (so we visited a mere 6%). To make this final tally a little more enjoyable, I took my favorite picture taken on that island and made a slide show to the song Isa Lei. This version was sung to us as we were leaving Garden Island Resort on Taveuni....our last resort and for the first time they not only sang it in Fijian but also English! (Note: not all 4 of us made landfall on all the islands....).

1. Viti Levu (the main island)...we lived on this island....but it counts! Too many blog posts about it to link too!

2. Leleuvia Island - wrote about here and here and here! Obviously, this was favorite place to go! Due to location, beauty, and some awesome snorkeling.

3. Denarau Island - The main attraction when in the Nadi area! Only stayed on the island twice (here and here), most of the time was just passing through the port or going to eat/play there!

4. Tivua Island (Captain Cook's Private Island), 5. Naviti Island (snorkel & dive day/Gunu village)  and 6. Nanuya Levu Island (gray lagoon) - visited all on our cruise through the Yasawa Islands which I wrote about here.

7. Toberua Island - only visited once and wrote about it here, but wanted to go again but just never made it back.

8. Sonaisali Island (Doubletree pouch run) - Richard went for work. It was a new hotel within the per diem range. They had a lot of cargo that they had to take via the small ferry that shuttles people from parking to the island the resort was on. We had a good laugh about this, but I never blogged about it and he snapped some pictures of sunset.

9. Drawaqa Island (Barefoot Manta Island), 10.  Nanuya Lailai Island, 11. Sawa-i-Lau Island (caves), 12. Malolo Lailai Island (plantation), 13. Malolo Island (jet skis), and 14. Modriki Island (Monuriki Island). All visited during part of the great #FijiStaycation and I blogged about it starting here.

15. Navo Island (by  Intercontiental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa on Natadola Beach) - a small uninhabited island that we walked to at low tide (which I think we did every time we went...). I wrote about it here, here, and here. We also went a couples times we didn't write another favorite.

16.  Likuri Island (Robinson crusoe) - thanks to Mason's camp, the kids and I made it out here. I wrote about it here.

17. Beqa Island....two goals for this beauty....shark diving and firewalkers! Awesome place and easy to get to Suva....don't know why didn't go sooner....we may have gone more! Wrote about it here.

18. Ovalau Island (Mason camp). So Mason was the only person lucky to visit this historical island for his Year 8 camp. I mention it here.

19.South Sea Island (day trip) - this trip was solely taken for the purpose of achieving a nice round number of islands! Just wrote about it here!

20. Taveuni Island - thanks to TC Josie this one almost didn't happen....but we made it! Whew! Wrote about it here!

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