Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Passing time in Wiesbaden

Soon after school started, Clarissa was invited to two birthday parties (always a good thing when settling it). Only problem was we still didn't have our car and the parties were out in Wiesbaden (pronounced vees-baa-dn). We opted to take the U-Bahn train out there....should only take about an hour (what will be a 30 minute drive), but we missed one train and it ended up taking us 2.5 hours the first time (and of course the last stretch of track was closed for repair, so we had to get off on and then take a shuttle bus to the stop we were meant to disembark at)! Due to Richard having the job ticket (a special bus/train ticket for getting to work. On evenings and weekends, he can have one adult and 2 children ride with him), so using his ticket we both took her to the party. Then Richard and I wandered around passing time as it took so long to get out there it wouldn't be worth it to go home for 5 minutes and then head back.

The first party was at Kletterwald Neroberg - a treetop climbing forest/rope course.

Grabbed some photos before she saw me....lol. Clarissa had a blast and is ready to go back! So while waiting, Richard and I had a snack at a little cafe that was overlooking the city of Wiesbaden. 

There was a monument for WW1. 

 There were a vineyard growing on the hillside.

We discovered the Nerobergbahn. It is a half-timbered railway that uses water to move trains up and down the incline. We were not sure of how long it took, so we opted to wait until another day to ride it. 

We then wandered through the nearby forest we were in. 

Can't tell if Richard was an angry troll or a fun guy.....speaking of, we saw lots of fungi!

The following weekend, Clarissa had the second party. This one was in downtown Wiesbaden. So it was much easier to get too (but still had to take the shuttle to the last stop). After dropping her off at the party, Richard and I wandered around downtown. First thing we checked out was the Marktkirche (market church). 

The Marktkirche is such a massive landmark, we can see it from the Wiesbaden Army Base. Marktkirche was built in 1284, obviously it had a few remodels over the years (big fire in 1850). The current gothic design was from that rebuild and finished in 1866. 

In WW2, the church was struck in an air raid and suffered major damage, the buttress were hit and the ceiling to the main church had caved in. The organ was rebuilt.

You could even see some repair work on the walls.

We then walked over to a farmer's market. We happened upon on street musicians.

Disregard the tourist that walked in front of the camera. The wrought iron balcony reminded me of New Orleans, LA. 

We found a doner kebab restaurant for lunch (I had a yummy falafel wrap and Richard a doner bowl). 

We were wandering around and Clarissa calls and asks where we are (still have over half the party). The party was at a theater and they taught the kids a skit and they were ready to perform. We were given specific directions to NOT ATTEND. So we were following instructions, but since a bunch of other parents were in the audience we suddenly need to be there. We saw the last one or two minutes (and totally looked like slacker parents). After the show, the kids went down for snacks and cake, so we just hung around with the other parents. Then we made the long train ride home (the shuttle bus to the train stop was soooo crowded (ie Richard had to hop on and off to let other people off), luckily everyone wore masks and we avoided the C-19 plague. We also feel we have mastered the U2 and S9 UBahn lines...lol.

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