Monday, November 2, 2020

And the fourth stop is........

 Frankfurt, Germany! 

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Staying true to all that is 2020, this was a very weird bidding season. The list of total posts available to bid on was relatively small compared to last time (60 posts this time versus 160 posts last time). With a teen that will be a rising junior when we arrive, we had to be a tad more choosy when it came to schools as well (so of course all those posts had 10-20 bidders). Richard made the 'getting an interview' hurdle at a large number of the places he bid. He was also told he made nearly every short list (aka top 5), but not the coveted #1 spot (so there was always a chance someone would get two top spots and if you were on the short list you would move up....but it is a gamble). After several nail biting weeks, a few new sparkling tresses, and likely an ulcer or two.....Richard found the perfect position.

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We see many road trips in our future - both via car and train. We are excited to get to explore Europe and not be in a time crunch - COVID-19 dependent obviously, we can take weekend trips to so many countries! An added bonus....we are not moving all that far....our HHE and car shouldn't take that long to arrive!

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The public transportation system seems a bit more complex than what were used to....hopefully we will quickly learn our way and get off on the correct "ausfahrt" (yes - I know that's technically a freeway exit....but at the moment, that's about the only German word I

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So there you have.....I know there is a backlog due to the pandemic. So start getting your passports renewed and let us get the our haus unpacked at the end of Summer 2021! (look at I know two German words!). For now, our animal crossing characters can start to walk the

Hopefully, we will have a bit of time to do some more exploring Qatar and other nearby countries, before we leave the middle east region....especially with the weather finally out of the triple digits!

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  1. Ich gratuliere! (Which google says is congratulations) Best wishes for an easy and safe transition!