Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monday's Moment: Easter Shells


  1. Easter shells is flippin' BRILLIANT!!!! Is this a Fiji thing? Or something you all came up with?! What a great waterside adaptation!!

    1. Clarissa is a big crafter and she's picked up a lot of plain white shells, she wanted to paint them. None of us eat hard boiled eggs, viola....Easter shells were born. We gave them as gifts when we were stateside and feel it was hit too!

    2. Too cool!! I bet you could even do all the dye dips as well - a shell is a shell, right? Congratulations to your budding crafter, Clarissa, for a fantastic twist idea!!

    3. Oooh, the dye dips could be fun! We just used crayola paints (which in theory could be washed off is someone wanted the plain ole shell)....but I bet we could get some real rich colors with the dyes (which we have a ton of for some reason....)