Friday, May 15, 2015

Tbilisi Tips: Gardenia

So there is a cute garden shop just outside of downtown Tbilisi towards the Tbilisi Sea.

View from the street:

It is part garden and part nursery. When you enter, you walk into a garden of planted beds of flowers. It gives you a good idea as to what plants look good together.

There is a little cafe on site, where you can enjoy a drink,

relax at a table, and

sit back and enjoy the view.

There is a decent sized green house towards the front of the nursery section, that you can walk through a select plants from.

Both springs here, I have purchased strawberry plants here. Last year's plants produced fruit, as well as, sent out runners and grew all summer. They have already bloomed and begun growing fruit this year. I bought some more to fill the bed I have them in.

In the back, there is a lot of ground cover plants, shrubs, and roses. If you notice in the background, there are more greenhouses in the back of the property as well. I have never ventured that far back to check them out.

They have a remnant Soviet Era monument in back.

To summarize, a whole lot of pretty flowers and good prices. I spent about $25 USD and got 5 strawberry plants, a basil plant, 3 snapdragon plants, 3 purple flowering plants, and 4 pink flowering plants. They also sell nutrient rich top soil, fertilizer, and flower pots. If I was going to live here a long time, I would go nuts and buy a ton of flowers/plants to landscape with. Instead, I just bought a few pretty flowers that will hopefully survive the summer heat while we are Stateside.

Details: Gardenia

Street: Nikoloz Khudadovi St

Coordinates: N41°43.856’ E44°49.872’

Phone Number: +995 599 18 16 34

Facebook Page:

Closed on Mondays, Open 9am - 7pm according to sign (FB says open 11am -7pm)

They do accept credit cards as well as cash.

A journal article about Gardenia can be found here.

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