Monday, February 3, 2014

The Kids First Real Snow Day....

So both kiddos were born in South Carolina....where there is rarely any snow. School would have "Snow Days" when there was a chance of freezing rain/black ice....its a southern thing, I think. Mason saw snow when I took him St. Louis when he was about 13 months old (which he doesn't remember) and in 2010 when we took him on a trip to Columbia, SC before Clarissa was born to go the zoo.....and it snowed....he made a snow angel and then wanted to hang out in the hotel pool. Clarissa.....never really experienced snow. Flurries were coming down the day we flew out of DC. A couple days after we arrived, there was a little accumulation (2 inches or so), but we didn't have snow pants/boots or toboggans. So last Thursday morning it was raining. Then around noon I looked outside and bit fluffy flakes were coming down!

Then about 15 minutes later I looked out and our car was covered!

Clarissa had fun walking home from school, but then for a bit in the afternoon it started raining again. It rained/snowed all night long and in the morning, Mason was SOOOOOO excited to walk to school in the snow (obviously a southern boy who had never done this before).

Richard dropped Clarissa off on his way to work. He saw Mason arriving from his walk....he was cold!

I caught a ride with a neighbor when it was time to pick up Clarissa mid-day which was great! When it was time to pick Mason up, Clarissa and I got bundled up and walked (still snowing!) to pick up Mason. While we waited for him, Clarissa mastered making snow angels!

Unfortunately, this snow was a light and fluffy making snow balls and snowmen wasn't happening....but one can play snoccer!

Mason was off on his scooter playing with the older I didn't get any pictures of him. 

Richard got a picture of the some of the perfectly formed snowflakes I caught on my hat. It kept snowing all night Saturday when we woke up...all the foot prints (and soccer balls) were covered with snow. We went out and played in the yard in the morning and Mason and Richard went around the corner and sledded down a short little hill on the corner. In the afternoon we found the perfect sledding hill. It is at the kids' school. There is a hill separating the soccer and baseball fields. We went there Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday (after it kept lightly snowing through Saturday and Saturday night, finally stopping mid day on nearly 36 hours of snowing...we think maybe it was a total of about 4 inches of accumulation).

Mason being a good big brother giving Clarissa a ride down the hill.

Clarissa catching a ride down with Daddy. Mason making it up to the top of hill, getting ready to head down again.

Making the hike back up as Mason whizzes by.....

Richard forgetting to hold on

Clarissa's preferred method of getting to the snow hill on Sunday....mommy pulling her while she rides backwards!

I grew up with snow....but not with snow covered here are some pretty scenic shots.

Sheep grazing on a snowy hill. There was a guy, as well as, some cows and a horse to the left of the sheep. But due to the fencing I could not get a decent shot.

So the best way to end a post on how much fun we had during our snowy weekend is a video clip of Clarissa giggling all the way down the hill!


  1. Those snowflakes on your hat are seriously awesome - what kind of a lens did you use to get that?

    1. I have a Nikon D80 DSLR that he used...and it was the kit 18-55mm lens using the close up feature (not even my good telephoto lens).....It helped the snowflake was really big. I heart Nikons!

      Disclaimer....Richard wanted me to mention that had he used his Canon.....when it comes to cameras we are a house divided.

  2. The photo would have been even more awesome with my Canon gear! :)

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