Saturday, June 8, 2013


Question of the day:

What does 7000 lbs of stuff look like??????????????


  1. Hello! Welcome to life by the pound :) We have been blogging through our first year of life in FS, our blog is called All Aboard The Crazy Bus. I'd love to help if you have any questions. Last year at this exact time we were doing what you are doing- packing it up and trying to get an idea of how to make the best choices for everyone. Here is my advice... 1)Planning is everything and 2) Time to purge like you mean it and 3) invite friends and family to come help you during pack out. You will want people following the packer and writing down everything that goes in each box. TRUST ME ON THIS!!! We have been reliving last year's experience because are we are preparing for Pack Out #2. It's crazy how much stuff we've accumulated in a year!

  2. Thanks for the tips....I have enjoyed reading your blog.... In fact, Sunday morning I went and put a bunch of cooking utensils and silverware in plastic bags! :)

  3. Thanks Deb! There is an online group called Live Lines that is supposed to be excellent at real time advice. It is either a yahoo group or something like it. I'm not a tech person at ALL so I'm probably showing my ignorance here but I heard about it again today when I asked an experienced FS friend to come over and give me an idea on how I'm doing this time. My HHE and my UAB piles are growing exponentially each day. She said I was doing ok but that I should hook up with Live Lines. I am not sure how to direct you to that resource but you can probably find answers on the ever helpful Hardship Homemaking blog. If I find out how to get you there I'll write you back.