Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Bonn, Germany

So I did a day trip with some friends to Bonn, Germany. It's a little town near Koln (Cologne), Germany, with lots of fun stops in the area. Our initial destination was the Haribo factory outlet.

You know it's going to be dangerous when you can grab a buggy outside! Even though Haribo is sold in the U.S. it just tastes better (likely different preservatives and dyes) in the E.U. 

As you peruse all the rows and aisles, you discover the outlet has so many neat varieties that are not spotted in local grocery stores. Such as....

Not sure if those are pickle flavored gummies or just pickle shaped. In addition to pug shapes, there was airplanes, German flag colors, jumbo bags of your favorite flavor....you get the idea. The outlet also has a decent variety of vegan gummies! 

You can also feel like a celebrity when leaving and pose with the Haribo bear! The store is located at Friesdorfer Str. 125, 53175 Bonn, Germany. To view their website click here.

After filling our bags with goodies, we drove over to downtown Bonn to walk around a bit. The city has Beethoven statues everywhere (this one was wearing a mask....this trip was a while back...lol). 

We walked past the house Beethoven was born in. We happened up a carnival opening celebration. Here's a group dressed as orange is the new black. Fun fact: German carnival season officially opens at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th of the 11th month. Carnival pauses for Advent and Christmas and then resumes in January until Fat Tuesday. 

Then we found a place for lunch....I partook in some Spätzle. 

We hit a few shops for some Christmas decorations. Happened up on a creepy albino pigeon.

Learned Bonn has an eScooter rental program called "Clara". I thought it was neat as Clarissa could have a personalized scooter....lol.

On our drive back to Frankfurt, we hit the Birkenstock outlet (Rheinstraße 2-4, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany). Fun fact - some styles of Birks are made with vegan leather or felt.....so I was able to find a pair!! (I don't eat meat, why would I wear meat skin?). I didn't take any pictures (not sure why not...lol) but I got a pair of sandals and got Richard a pair of warm and fuzzy socks.

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