Saturday, July 22, 2023

And the fifth stop is........

 Cairo, Egypt!

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So, you may be thinking: Isn't this a bit early for your next post announcement? Don't they normally come out in late fall? And you would be correct! This bidding cycle State started an early bid season for posts that are historically difficult to staff. It allows posts to get positions filled sooner and it allows bidders who wish to avoid the scrum of bidding (ie avoid the stress of multiple interviews, bid lists, ranking posts, and hoping you are your number one's first choice) and get that handshake earlier. We saw one post that has been in orbit a few times, but there were always shinier posts that got the rose. We checked out the school, we both chatted friends who we know who've been posted there, it has R&R's (good with a kid heading off to University), we read post info, and Richard threw his hat into the bidding ring. None of the other posts really piqued our interest or check enough boxes off for the risk (ie you throw your hat in the ring you have to be prepared to go there). Richard had the usual interview and on the final day bids were due, he was still the only bidder (good odds!!). We then only had to wait two tortuous weeks (versus the usual month plus) to get the handshake and the paperwork started! 

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I'll have a chance to stick my toes in another part of the Mediterranean Sea, SCUBA dive in the Red Sea, cruise down the Nile River, and many other cool things (like Pyramids and Sphinx anyone?). Since 2010, 'Ancient Egypt' was one of the favorite Playmobil sets we had (loved by both kids) it seems only natural to go live (For the record, we also had a coral reef set, remember Fiji, hmm I'm seeing a pattern.....).

We still have a year left in Frankfurt, of course. So we are planning the last trips we want to take over school breaks of course. Once we arrive in Cairo next summer that will mark our fifth continent (of the basic seven....we know there are tectonically more!) that will visited or lived on. I am hopeful I will get caught up on editing photos so I can upload pictures from all the trips we have taken and adventures we have had this 

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