Sunday, October 31, 2021

Last Days in Doha

So as per every international move, we had to pack up all our household belongings and ship them. To prevent hold ups at customs, we aren't allowed to 'owner pack' any boxes. So we do some staging as I call it, separating what to send where (Air Freight, storage, rest of the stuff) and what is going in our suitcases (ie passports and the cat). So we had lots of 'do not pack' signs and a special 'do not enter' sign on the door to the room the cat (and Clarissa) were sequestered in. The teen had exams, so we worked it out to go to a neighbor's house (and then we hosted that neighbor's teen during their pack out a week later).

Knowing we are moving into an apartment without a porch, we opted to send our Arabic wooden benches to storage. One of the packers made a custom box for it! Check out this cardboard magic!


Usual - no dinner possible time - as the kitchen is packed up moment! Can you guess this mystery object?

Did you guess cat tree? The mover description said 'cat play tower'....accurate! We had a recliner eating a child incident....but everyone made it out just fine! Just like that we were in a very empty house!

We enjoyed a rarity....rain in Doha!! So every kid on the street frolicked for a few minutes before virtual school started.

The teen finished Ortho treatment and left the country brace free....I managed to get a shot of the dentist office....would love this view everyday!!

Clarissa completed her Living Museum project....she was the cutest Ruth Bader Ginsberg I ever saw!

You can watch her speech also!

We let Clarissa attend a birthday party at her friends (just cake/ice cream) and then she went on lock down lock down....we all had to get our brains tickled before we could fly to the US. She being the only vaccinated family member put her at risk...but would also cause a lot of travel upheaval if she couldn't travel. We went for testing we all passed and contributed to the daily count of tested individuals!

Then 48 hours later, we bid farewell to the abode we had lived in for the last 3 years!

I took a photo of the flight map on our arrival and then sent it to the teen....saying 'we have Washington on our side'.....insert Hamilton fans groan....

We had about a day and half in DC, but managed to get to the Visa office and have lunch with my parents!

Then off we went on home leave....our first break to travel anywhere since November 2019!!! Much fun to come....

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