Thursday, June 17, 2021

New Mail Subscription Service

Good Morning the previously used auto email service for new blog posts is being discontinued as of July 2021. I was alerted to this back in April....I was a bit busy with school, scouts, pack out prep, someone's birthday (still need to do that post), moving, etc....all that fun. So I let other bloggers do the research as to what services work best. So I'm trying out a new follow us/email subscription service (trying out MailChimp - the free version - as this is an ad-free blog that we aren't making money on...don't want to pay for something). 

In all this I discovered, a whole slew of bots had subscribed to our I did a bit of housekeeping. If I recognized your email address, then I moved it over to our new email subscription list and you shouldn't have to do anything...easy peasy. If I got over zealous in my deleting of the 'bot subscribers' then my apologies and scroll down to side under the maps and please resubscribe.

Apologies to those who received a blank email yesterday....learning curve. FYI, for the free version the emails will be best viewed on a web browser or a mobile device. It does something super squirrely when viewed in outlook.

For fun, I've included a photo of Richard between the Qatari and Georgian flags....we went up to the Lulu Hypermarket/Ooredoo to turn off our cell phones/internet on our last day in Doha. What should we happen upon??? Lulu's was having their Georgian days (as in fun foods and such from our first post Tbilisi and the surroundings) as we depart our third post....small world!

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