Monday, August 14, 2017

Swim Carnival 2.0

So during Term 1, when the pool is nice and warm primary does their swimming. During term 2, as water temps begin to dip secondary starts their swimming....isn't that sweet! Secondary differs and is a lot less labor intensive (on my With Clarissa, when I boasted about how great she did a few months back, I had to make sure she had on sunscreen, her swimsuit, googles, towel, and a dry uniform to change into Mon-Thur for two weeks (and as she got tired towards the end and tried to reason with me it would be okay if I just happened to forgot one day....). For secondary, they just went weekly during their normal PE time and instead of him packing a PE uniform; he packed a swimsuit, goggles, and sunscreen. At the end of term 2, they also celebrated with a swim carnival.

On the day of Mason's swim carnival, I unfortunately had some workmen scheduled to come to the house. When I asked Mason what time he was schedule to do his races in true tween fashion I got a 'I don't know'.....well that doesn't bode well for me to sneak in and surprise him. I was in luck, the workmen came towards the early side of the service window they gave me and it did not take them long. A mom friend of one of Mason's friends was at the carnival. I texted her and she found out he still had a couple races, so I headed over with the camera.

The first race I caught was a 25m freestyle....he's the one raising his

Grabbing a breathe...

Just about done...

Before the second heat I caught....his friend asking who are you looking at....

Apparently, I haven't reached full embarrassing mom status yet (must try harder!!).

Ready, set...


This was a 50m race, so they returned to the starting point, so I was at a good vantage point for his completion.

Between races, the kids were 'hanging out' in the other pool, I had some grocery shopping to I told him I would be back later to pick him and a neighbor's kid up (we did the whole divide and conquer for drop off and pick up that day).

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