Monday, January 16, 2017

Silverlined Mudskipper

Or as it is known in the scientific community, Periophthalmus argentilineatus. This fish is pretty awesome! We saw a ton around Toberua Island. When I did some research they are quite common in the brackish mud flats associated with Mangrove tree areas. They actively "shuttle" around (or as we said 'walk on their front fins') and as long as they are kept moist can live outside of the water for 37 hours (according to several online fish atlas websites for marine biology science dorks like myself).

Here is a fun little video I got of a silverlined mudskipper and a hungry tropical rocky shore crab (Grapsus albolineatus).  

Note: I did not fight the crab myself to preserve this little fellow and then proceed to count gill rakers and fin spines to definitively identify it as the silverlined mudskipper. If I have mis-IDed....sorry.....

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