Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Photo

So another bloggy blogger with the Foreign Service has set up 3 weekly I am going to try and participate and do some of them. The first challenge is to post a photo from your post that makes you happy (easy enough!).

In the beginning of April it rained for a couple days and then suddenly everything was green....a few days later flowers were everywhere....for a 4 year old, picking flowers for mommy was heaven. On our walk home from school everyday, Clarissa and I would stop on a hill in our neighborhood and pick flowers. At one point I think we had 4 vases of flowers around the house.

We soon realized that the pretty white daisies smell like stinky tennis shoes (I feel a tad bad blaming Mason for his stinky feet for a few days) and Clarissa was extra we are now flower free, but the hill still looks beautiful (and tons of orange butterflies rest on the purple flowers and she's has yet to successful catch a butterfly).


  1. What a beautiful girl, and what a great photo! One of the best things about these prompts has been the reminder to take a look at what everyone ELSE is doing. Tbilisi in the spring must be beautiful.

  2. I love that you have a flowered hillside to roam through! We have flowers in Ankara, but they are all planned it seems. What a great walk home you have together!

  3. what a beautiful baby girl and background!