Thursday, April 10, 2014

Name that Dip

So remember as kids on long road trips you played the 50 state license plate game....with Alaska and Hawaii definitely scoring the most points.

Here in Georgia we play a different version of the game....we play 'name that diplomat'....

In Georgia, all diplomats are issued special red licenses plates. They all have a red 'D' in the middle to announce we aren't from around these parts.....

Before the big red D, there is a number, ranging from 1-61. I was told the numbers were issued in order of that country's recognition of Georgia being an independent republic (the US got number 2...we were beat out by the Germans).

Given the kids go to an international school, every morning at drop off I have my handy dandy issued cheat sheet and have checked off a good bit there.

To date we have seen diplomats from (in no particular order):
European Union
International Organizations
Czech Republic
Great Britain

And yesterday, I totally scored the most points with my spotting of an Iranian diplomat downtown!

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