Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why oh Why....

 So since back in oh, 2008, we got married and set up a website (which we have yet to really do anything with...on that to-do list....hey I did get the wedding album together this past summer, back off) we decide to link a blog to this website (totally makes sense!) here we go. We were thinking it would be a fun way to document the comings and goings of Richard, Deb, Mason and Clarissa (and maybe the occasional Yukon anecdote). We were also thinking it might be a tad easier for parents and other out of town family/friends to keep up with these previously mentioned comings and goings (and if a non-computer owning family member happens to be at a computer owning family members house it would be easier for them to show a blog then having to scroll through a ton-o-facebook posts (which we will probably continue making as well)). So for those previously mentioned family/friends....feel free to enter your email address to the right of the page and whenever some fun and witty thoughts come to mind and we post something it will arrive in your in box!! How fun!

Kiddos on Halloween
Hubs and I at the Carolina Game

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